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I know I am wearing the same outfit I had on with the DUCHESS of RUTLAND!

The book signings were on the same day!

I was still a bit jet lagged from my recent trip but had to see the lectures and meet the people who wrote the books!

Now with Mister Corrigans book I pre-ordered it on AMAZON and was extremely disappointed it had not come three days prior to the event.

It did turn up the day before, so I spent the morning reading and devouring the photos!

As I told him he had me at “COWS EVERYWHERE” page two!The man has put his heart and soul into restoring this gorgeous old chateaux in the Loire Valley in France.Not to mention a lot of money!

The chateaux has something like 14 bedrooms, it had more but he took a few bedrooms and turned them into bathrooms as I do believe he said there were only three in the house when he purchased it in 2004.

The kitchen was in an out building as at the time of construction they were afraid of fires.So, that was a bit tricky getting the French government to okay a kitchen in the house as that was not how it was made!

Strict rules had to be followed and a lot of research.I instantly liked this man as he likes to invite people to stay at the Chateau who do not know one another…….and do you know what he does to break the ice?He has a Scavenger Hunt the first night!

He also hangs chandeliers in the garden!Who do you know that does that too???

He has a theatre on the grounds and has yet to have a production!I of course, volunteered to put on a show.

Do you know what he wrote in my book?

“LA CONTESSA,please come and put a show on at the Chateau!”

I better start thinking about my production and how many people and costumes and sets cause would it not be nice to head back to France in the SPRING and  partake in a SCAVENGER HUNT and sip cocktails in the garden under chandeliers and put on the first production at the magnificent CHATEAU GRAND ~ LUCE!

Heather,will you be the STAR?

Just see how fast I could pack those bags!

People this would make a GREAT CHRISTMAS gift for those of us who adore INTERIORS.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE………….off I go to wrap,shop and create vignettes for all those that I adore.XXX


  • Lisa Self

    Well, as far as putting’ on a show. Not sure what kind of acts you are looking for :-) , but I am still tap dancing!!! In fact I have tap class tonight. Any other tappers out there?

  • LISA!
    I will definitely take you with me……………..WE HAVE A TAPPER,and if Heather is a go a REAL actress.Now all we need is a singer…………..we have a plan!Now, to get invited!

  • Jan

    Could this man possibly be your brother from another mother? He sounds divine!
    I am willing to strike a pose and play a part in the first Contessa production. My bags are already packed! Thanks for sharing another wonderful book with us.

    • Yes,he is our cup of tea…………….
      Your on…………..we will need another FRENCH trip to make us laugh in 2014………..no vacation has ever surpassed the two of us with small children driving from Italy to France!!!I LOVED THAT TRIP!Your on girlfriend……….you strike the pose ,that will bring the house down!Or should I say CHATEAU??

  • Darling,

    Speaking of boutonniers- your silk flower is just sublime!



  • foodiefan

    Well first of all I won’t be unsubscribing! Your blog is always a source of enjoyment! I definitely think you have the makings of an interesting trip for 2014 to plan…..something different from your last trip which could never be repeated……how exciting!

  • I LOVE TIM!!!

    He uses my curtain person and my upholsterer!!! My curtain person was invited to stay there!! And he did!

    He is a “darling”!!!

    As are you! We’d better go!!!

    • YES, INDEEDY…………perhaps we can get some mileage out of our red gowns!
      Now, about the play……….we could all be chickens from different cities!Festivity crowns here we come……..XXX

  • Nancy Case

    I just ordered the book! How could I resist?? I love how you make people come truly alive to the world, to others, to me. I feel as if this author is friendly, kind, fun,extremely gifted and that we could be friends. His restored Chateau is glorious, opulent, and yet familiar and liveable. What a gift Tim has to make all of this happen. What do I have to do to be invited to the party?? I would cook, clean, garden, whatever! I promise I would be lots of fun too and adore every detail! How could I not…it would be heaven. Meanwhile I will loose myself in the book and we can chat about it over tea. You know I love you Contessa!

  • Was in an Italian garden with a proscenium & terraced seating & side wings for various actors to come on stage……

    A happy thing, his wealth and how he shares it. And it has nothing to do with $$$.

    Off topic, born April !

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    • HA!You are older then me…….by three months!
      What is the date in APRIL?
      Your stage sounds……..GRAND.A Theatre in a garden……….saw one once at LOTUSLAND in MONTECITO,CALIFORNIA.Absolutely,beyond wonderful…..even had the sections divided by greenery to enter and exit on stage.As you said……….A HAPPY THING!

  • Well of course I am a go! And am honored to be asked. :) Out the door to Lyon but love all of this fabulousness!!!!

  • sarah

    I will definitely NOT unsubscribe to your blog Contessa. I love reading your posts and this one has made me laugh a lot! I think a performance at Timothys’ Chateau would be amazing and I would happily audition! He sounds fabulous and thankyou for continuing to introduce all these great things to us via your wonderful Hen House Blog!!!

  • I hear about him restoring the chateau and his thereat, unfortunately, we have left the Loire valley by then. I can imagine how well a show in a theater at a chateau must be and the Tourangeaux love the theater.
    Love your silk flower!

  • Sarah

    I love your blog Contessa! It is always a delight to read & you introduce us all to such wonderful people & places. Timothy is no exception and he sounds like a fabulous new friend. I think a play in his chateau in the Loire in 2014/15 would be fantastic! Send me the script asap so I can audition!
    sarah xx

  • That is a great outfit with the plaid and yellow rose and well worthy of many esteemed repeats…am clicking through to see what his style is!

    • Loved the NEW YORK POST…..any of you want to follow a wild and whacky GAL from NEW ZEALAND click on JODY BRETTKELLY!She looks great in anything she puts on and writes about all kinds of fun stuff.From food to fashion to her four kids!Once in a while she will mention the husband!

  • Dear Contessa, I do not know why anyone would unsubscribe. This is such a wonderful blog and you make me smile every time I visit. I think what Mr Corrigan is doing is wonderful. Those beautiful old houses deserve some loving care.

    • I agree LOREE!!
      He was the only one out of 18 people I think that wanted to keep it as it was intended as a home.Others had plans to turn it into a hotel,restaurant,etc.He was the only AMERICAN to bid on it too.The rest were French.

  • I just saw something on him in Traditional Home. He set the most exquisite table with his gorgeous linens. How fun to meet him!

  • Just popping in to say Merry Christmas my bloggy friend!

  • suzanna

    Hi Contessa, I get confused where to comment here, I’m no geek but not bad at this, however,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 from the GULFCOAST of FLORIDA….hope you find this, though I seem to
    comment on older posts. Not sure where the current post option is! Never the less, a NEW YEAR
    here we go! XO

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