What do you think about these cruise ships gliding down the canal??

Sue, please do not look!

This really upset my ROOMIE in Venice and I can understand why!Do you think these massive monsters should be allowed in the GRAND CANAL??Speak up and voice your opinion.I would love to hear some feed back.To me and( we saw at least three during our four day stay)they look like aliens swallowing up the beauty of Venice!

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  • suzanna

    morning contessa, from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida ~ I went to Hong Kong once & the Hong Kong
    harbor had huge ships yet didn’t seem to affect the sounds where I stayed & was an interesting view, these appear, by this picture, to be coming right into the buildings somewhat spoiling the mellow view and serenity ~ never been to Venice ~ please check out my area of paradise sometime ~ XO

    • Your right in Hong Kong it works…………..Here it definitely takes away from the beauty of the city.I would love to pop down to your side of the STATES!A bit warmer then here……this morning its in the 30′s cold for us!!

  • awful, awful – this must NOT happen…. I have been to Venice a few times but (luckily) never ‘met’ a cruise liner on the canals… they surely are too big anyway?!
    i saw the same happening in Torquay, Devon – UK and even there, in the open sea but ‘protected’ by the bay, they looked tremendously large and looming, and although I’m sure they were a Godsent to the local businesses, they spoiled the beauty of ‘my’ bay, harbour and happiness. Diciamo: Prego, uscite di qui, vogliamo continuare aver’ nostra Venezia per noi

    • Love your ITALIAN saying………shall we translate for our readers?I may not have this exactly right!

      “WE say please leave here we want to continue to have our VENICE for us!”

  • Dawn

    I think these monster ships not only pollute, but totally destroy lovely and serene cities such as Venice. They should not be allowed in my opinion. And the ships keep being built bigger & bigger!

  • OMIGOD!!!!

    That is sacrilegious! HIDEOUS; and it can’t be good for that beautiful city!!!

  • Seems it would be harmful scientifically to water dispursement, oil leakage, & of course effluent…..for starters !

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  • Jennifer Lescure

    It looks out of place! how do those little gondolas navigate around that monster? Oh well!


    Cruise ships are polluting the beauty spots of the world. There are so
    many, and they are becoming bigger and bigger.

    They are not my favorite way to travel, as you can tell.

  • Michele

    abominable ……so sad to see

  • Lynda Stansberry

    No, I don’t like these cruise ships at all.


  • Piedmont Pembroke Parent


    I agree with you. These cruise ships spoil the beauty of Venice. Tourism is a money maker, but why can’t they restrict where they go. Park them out of sight!


  • Linda T

    No cruise ships pronto!

  • Contessa, this is awful !
    Why can’t they dock at the airport terminal?
    For me, I think it takes away from the beauty & serenity of Venice, a centuries-old city where we all go to appreciate everything that is uniquely Venice. The comparison to HongKong is not valid, 2 completely different places and places in time. You are right.
    Does commerce always prevail? The huge cruise lines pay enormous fees to the cities they visit.

  • Missy

    It grosses me out because I know all too well what they leave behind and dump along the way and scrape up against. But, Sister, it’s all about money and those mini cities bring in the people and they spend money. It’s really sad.

  • SeaGoddess

    Freakin’ SACRILAGE is what it is! This makes me NEVER want to go on a day one of those hell ships are there! All they do is leave garbage and mess! Venice should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. But, I have to agree with your other very savvy reader that it IS all about MONEY! Love this blog! You should be graduated from being a Contessa! What is higher than Contessa?

  • Annelie Joubert le Grange

    Downright STUPID and out of place! I can just imagine what an enormous amount of turbulence is put out by the big cruise lines and the extremely negative impact that must have on the already decaying structures lining the canal. It is beyond me that the Venice Municipality can allow this! Brain drain??!!! Please petition to have it stopped with immediate effect and show some respect for this very special, unique gem of a city. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the world Contessa.

  • The large ships look obsurd. Time marches on. At least they aren’t building skyscrapers.

  • Oh god, it looks awful, cannot believe they let them in and you know what they pour our of every hole in their sides? yuk!

  • No, I do not like them at all. They look awful.

  • Oh how awful! Just ruins the beauty of the canal. I had no idea this happened. Venice is one of my very favorite places! Oh, Italy…

  • suzanna

    Hi Contessa, just read your visit with Timothy Corrigan, Oh My Gosh, does that sound like fun ~
    I adore costumes, art, interiors, I am so right brain it is rather hard without a stronger left brain,
    ha ha ha…..this sound fantastic, I LOVE the idea of chaneliers in the garden ~ WOW ~ devine
    indeed ~ love to see more ~ love to come there, I always chip in and love every minute of it…..I’m
    a good worker ~ FUN ~~ XO PS: I’m am not always clear where to commit on your page, so I just pick one and hope you see I read ~~ hee her

    • I GOT IT!
      But to comment on the post of today one needs to PUSH ENTER on the TITLE of the POST.So, once you are on the site just click ENTER again on the TITLE before reading!That should do it!Makes absolutely no sense I KNOW!!!
      THANK YOU……..looks like we have a small group gathering.I hope he doesn’t mind if we take over all of the 14 bedrooms!

  • sarah

    Quite simply these boats are people movers, block of flats, eye sores. So unfortunate to see them parked in Venice!!!!

  • Sarah

    These ships are people movers, blocks of flats, eyesores!!! particularly when parked against a backdrop such as Venice. We have seen them in the Whitsunday Islands aswell! They are not pretty and hardly a romantic way to travel the world but they are bringing the tourists & the dollars. I’m not a fan though!

  • Loree

    Yuck! When I was there I NEVER saw one of those behemoth things…..

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