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A few more photos of PARIS with the SONS………I promise this is it!

Kristopher and Nicholas it was a JOY to be with you two in Paris for a week!

I hope you have fond memories and will go back and perhaps re~trace our steps one day!

Your Mother is VERY proud of both of you.You have traveled more then most and have seen a lot.Now tis the time to settle down and get to work!

Your Mother is still dreaming of that CASA COLONICA in ITALY or  perhaps a small fixer upper Chateau in France!An old barn will do the trick too!

Dreams do come true……………..lets make that happen! With good old~fashioned hard work!

Off you go into the WORLD…………………do your thing!

CALL HOME and do drop in from time to time!



PS.I think only one SON subscribes to his Mother’s Blog posts will someone PLEASE tell the other SON to check in and read it!!!!

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  • suzanna

    Awww, so sweet contessa, I feel your joy….I’ve been gone awhile as I pack to relocate… was
    happy to get this message in my box and just had to take the time to view the gang in Paris,
    I have never been to France, as you with dreams, mine is to visit South of France and more so
    to live there ~ merci beaucoup ~ XO

  • This must have been a wonderful trip to Paris with your sons! Great photos. I have two daughters and you now have me dreaming of a trip to Paris with them. We travelled together to the Russian River Valley a couple of years ago for a mother/daughters trip and it was so much fun!

  • What a dream you made happen. This Paris trip.

    Congrats on the boys….into men.

    Wasn’t able to have children. Cannot imagine how it would feel for my cats to leave home and set up housekeeping without me !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    • Lucky YOU those cats will NEVER leave home until its time to go to the GRAND GARDEN in the sky.I adore my cat too TARA……..they are such lovely four-legged creatures with lots of LOVE to share.XX

  • Fine specimens you have produces, Contessa! And, I seriously love the turquoise Nike’s, wish I had a pair. Yes, they will remember this forever, as you will. And, what a wonderful photograph you have for the man at home. Sending love….

  • correction: producED, not produces. :)’s

  • What a wonderful trip and fabulous memories you’ve made!! They look like such fine young men. Congrats to you. As an aside…I have the same brown coat with the rosettes as you!! Great minds think alike.:-)

  • liz

    what beautiful boys! and what amazing memories for you all

    • Is there BEAUTY under all that hair????
      Only a MOTHER can see……………BUT YES there is a TON of BEAUTY there as his girlfriend DIVINE calls him BEAUTY and I of course asked do you call her BEASTIE????The answer was a NEGATIVE!!!!XXX

  • V. V handsome chaps indeed. You must be so proud. The clean shaven one has the exact same mouth as you!!! (Not sure whether that is Kristopher or Nicholas??)

  • Piedmont Pembroke Parent


    Such handsome sons! The photos are lovely. I enjoyed every one, vicariously savored Paris and Versailles! French fashion must have been tempting as I note a few purchases were made!
    You only live once! Savor the moment!
    Happy Thanksgiving Famille Kirkpatrick!


  • So lovely to see this with you and your boys today–it is all about family! And what handsome young men they are too–with that same spark in their eyes as their Mum!
    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving dear Contessa,
    With Love from Arles,

    • How can you see that SPARK through those glasses??
      Happy Turkey Day to you too…….although, I do not think you eat Turkey!
      I hope you feasted……on all the other goodies.Can you get cranberry’s in ARLES?

    • No cranberries except the dried version at the grocery store! And yes, I eat turkalurk but this year it was just roasted chicken. An entire turkey is rather too much for just us two.

  • What wonderful memories you must all have made. Happy Thanksgiving xx

  • foodiefan

    Such handsome sons, gorgeous settings and unforgettable memories that hopefully will be repeated with their offspring in years to come! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with the family. xox

  • Loved seeing K and N, and you in the middle E !

    • Have you contacted HEATHER in ARLES?
      I think you two would enjoy each other………perhaps a brocante in the Spring time would be good.Are you close enough to meet up?Please do so as I say so!I love match making……………in the sense of new friendships!

  • Loree

    I wish I could be your third son…. or maybe MY son can be your third son. He would SO love to go to PAris with you and your boys.
    Isn’t it great being able to travel with them? Thanks for posting your pictures and comments. It brings me right back to my favorite city in the world!


    This was a beautiful experience Contessa for me. To look into your world like this I really feel like I know you! Amazing sons… Looks like an amazing time too.
    What a great idea for family bonding

    Thank you special lady
    I guess we will speak soon on Instagram hihihi
    (Wish you were around the corner so that I could visit your shop and we could have coffee

    • Venessa…………
      You are SPOT on on all accounts!It was an EXPERIENCE of a lifetime!
      I wish we could have a coffee too!One day it will happen……….
      Lets make it HAPPEN!

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